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Why to start an online business?

  Hello hello, good morning, good afternoon good evening whatever the case might be. And welcome to internet marketing playpen for beginners. This is a series of videos and blog posts that has to do with the whole concept of setting up your online business from the beginning to the end. This one is part one: why…

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Baby boomers and online marketing.

    The speed that internet marketing evolved is amazing and a bit scary for some. All changes are happening so fast that some cannot keep up. There is one group of people in particular; Baby boomers. Don’t get me wrong I am part of the wave, we love electronics and interact with them, specially…

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Welcome to my site

Welcome to my blog. I am glad that you are here. My objective is to provide High quality content on my blog. Who is my audience? Anyone that is interested in online marketing. I do intend to serve beginners, newcomers to America, retirees, and anyone that want to learn how to setup online business. Gurus…

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