The speed that internet marketing evolved is amazing and a bit scary for some. All changes are happening so fast that some cannot keep up. There is one group of people in particular; Baby boomers.

Don’t get me wrong I am part of the wave, we love electronics and interact with them, specially spending time online. But the way we look for information is different than young people do. Baby boomers also digest information in different way as well.

Do you like to buy stuff online? I am sure you do. Probably you are in the group of older generation that has some extra money to spend, if not, that’s okay.

You know precisely what you are looking for and you take time with it. Before you buy anything online most likely you do check as many facts as you can. That means you are pro in searching for specific info and you know where to find it. So, knowing that you might turn that knowledge to help others and make some money in in the process of doing so.

And this is the purpose of this site. To help those of older generation to get on the action (if you want).

Unfortunately, because they have extra disposable money, this group is also a target by all kind of scammers.

Marketing to baby boomers need to be different than younger audience, our brains are wired that way. Who’s better to market to boomers than boomer. But that’s not what I am trying to do here.

The number of those that have nice retirement egg nest is not tha big as some are claiming, and constantly shrinking. Most of those down on their luck keep working  past the age of 70 just to pay bills.

Some drain out their savings to help kids or grand-kids, or worst, they have none. And why is that?

Some of us including me thought that the economy will boom, and there is still time to be serious about retirement funds. We neeed not to worry. Reality is rather different.

Yet what some desperate boomers don’t realize is, that they can change current financial situation drastically in their favor. How? You are in possession of knowledge and experience that young people don’t. Don’t sell yourself short thinking that you have to be some sort of tech wiz to do that.

What you know is worth a lot to people that are seeking that what you know. It doesn’t matter if it is recipes, or instructions about woodworking, or gardening, or tips on fishing, hunting, hiking, making wine, travel,… I can spend a whole site to list them. I think you get the idea.

If you don’t believe me just Google any term possible and you will find out that there is someone writing about it, or twitting, or made a video. There is something else in your favor , time. When you are semi-retired you have plenty of time that you can turn into profit.

And there is more. There are a lot boomers online people like you, and you speak their language. You can provide training for them how to start online venture, and tailor that to their specific needs. In short; your courses will be in language and format that this age group will understand and  love.

There is a trend to dust off things from the past, and who can do that better than boomer. Our grand-kids are interested in seventies or eighties more than our kids.

The power of internet is awesome, we can reach people all over the World fast and for free. I wish to help you start your venture online, and set up some form of resource place for you so you can monetize what you know one way or the other.

All the information how to set up and run successful online business (any form and shape) is on Internet already for free. All you need to do is find it. Instead of going through the hustle of spending time to look for it, I’ll try to find it for you. And of course, share it with you.

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