You are young or perhaps older and see that you might try the “hype” of internet proffits. You are exposed almost daily to all those success stories how someone is making “$698.00” in 2 days with few clicks.

And you want to be one of these people. Some of you
probably triad already and fail. And those that planning to
most likely will quit soon. Ironically those that quit have the best content to share with the world. Why do they quit?

The perception that all the gurus in the industry know everything, did everything and are  real pros. My answer to that is –BS! If you Google any term of your interest and do a little reading you will notice that they all (articles)
sound the same.

That does not end there. That apply to videos  courses, you name it. If you had access to archives from 5 years  ago, the same story. Marketers take top rating articles and say the same thing using their own words.

There is absolutely no value in this but that’s how this “mary-go-around” internet marketing works.
The only thing that change are the headlines and, now and then emotional triggers are placed in text strategically to make visitor/customer act on impulse.

Any article written on the subject of  internet marketing is the same as it was 20 years ago only fluff is included.
I call this “puffing” of a subject.

My grandpa would probably used different analogy. “this moonshine is water down”. It tastes like moonshine, it started as moonshine, but now is just flavored water. That’s why we need new blood in internet marketing.

You, the beginner. Why? Because you are full of ideas and most important your content is real. And gurus need to get fresh ideas somewhere, if your content is  good they will rewrite or at best share it.

In this case they will “accidently” promote your stuff. You wish you could start this online venture but it’s overwhelming. Think excitement, don’t drown yourself in negative. You are champion, you have the guts to be like the “big boys”.

Success is an incremental process, you start with first step and then another, and another. Depends what form of internet marketing you will pick, before you know it, you will have plenty of content and possibly products.

And then you can focus on many different ways of bringing customers, followers (traffic) in. Most newbies try to get traffic as soon as they have first post. For what?
If you are successful then the next day you will fail. Why?

What are you going to do with it (the traffic)?
Sell stuff? They will be gone in seconds! The secret (untold by gurus) to success in internet marketing or any business for that matter is business – customer/follower

Your follower is expecting you to have information for them but not just plain facts. They want story, your style of telling them what they already know, or, can find easily on Google. I know that I am dumping on you a lot but I am doing so because I don’t want you to quit.

You are gifted you have knowledge, otherwise you would not try to be internet marketer. You have two choices here: go buy some program claiming that you will have few hundred dollars in few days for doing few clicks, or,

find a program that can teach you and show you all the techie stuff you need to function online. If you are interested about exploring something for a beginner and start from scratch look at what Chris has to offer.

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