Probably you wonder: what the heck are you talking about dude!

So, there are as many different ways to attract buyers to your offer as many marketers there are up there.
Some just follow gurus and copy exactly what they do, but
now and then they copy their content as well.

But there is another breed of marketers. They follow
no one but their own intuition. Some times that leads to failure and sometimes to genius. There are so many ways to exploit Facebook traffic that it would be a cliche to list them here.

In my recent digging for ideas how to get traffic from Facebook and turn it to buyers. I found a method or hack as some they (marketers) would say. This ‘hack’ allow not only get traffic from facebook for free but it’s high quality ‘buying’ traffic.

There are 3 simple steps to this ‘hack’.

1 Know what your audience wants
2 Make sure that they really want that
3 Cash in.

It’s actually very simple .Here is how it works;  Tell on Facebook that you have or have been using something that is working for you. You need to join a facebook group for this. There are many. I will show you in a minute.

Step 2 ask if there is someone that wants more information on that subject and reply to that request but only to those that ask for it.

In closing ask them again if they really want more info or access to that program (permission) and then and only then send private time sensitive message to them with access link in it.

That way your prospect is already prep for buying whatever you are selling. Conversion rate here is as high as 80%.


If there is someone showing interests in your subject they already, are ready to buy. The only think for you now is to find audience that has interest in your offer. I would start with facebook groups.

Not everyone will allow you to join, some are private invitation only. Well, how about creating your own group. What a concept! Done right and you don’t have to spend a penny on advertising


Once you have a product to promote find a Facebook group that you wish to join. You can create your own, for starters see what Internet is all about.




In you Facebook page you find tab “groups”.





Type any interest and you will see that many suggestions will pup up.







After you make your selection you will have the option to join the group.







Observe the group and see what the members are interested in. Give constructive advice (don’t spam). And then post something like that:

Don’t reply to all at this group page, rather go to each individual Facebook page (you have their names). Now paste and copy your prewritten message to those that requested your info, and direct them to optin page for that EXACT information.

It’s very effective, simple and you don’t have to spend any money on advertising. At the same time most of those requesting your info will buy that product. Go try for yourself.

See case study if interested.


Marketing Pap
Marketing Pap

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