Welcome to my blog. I am glad that you are here. My objective is to provide High quality content on my blog. Who is my audience? Anyone that is interested in online marketing. I do intend to serve beginners, newcomers to America, retirees, and anyone that want to learn how to setup online business. Gurus of online marketing keep forgetting that not all of us are having easy navigate online, and that’s where I come in. Online business is not complicated, it’s simple. But first you need to master the basics. This is something that is neglected by most teaching this subject. Once you master that you will noticed that money coming from your online business is nothing more but by-product. First is service (quality) then money. And when money come it’s like a flood if done with respect to your audience. DON”T EVER SELL!.Remember that. PROVIDE SERVICE! And this is the big secret.

I don’t want to rumble to long, so in short here it is what you will get on this site:

  • High quality content
  • Tips and ideas from other successful marketers
  • I will not brag about easy money
  • I will not flash some unverified snapshots of income
  • Will not push unnecessary products on you
  • Deceive, hype or make up stuff
  • Provide honest opinion on free and paid services

Marketing Pap
Marketing Pap

Online marketer, writer, blogger and sometimes happy guy:)

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