Hello and welcome again to internet marketing playpen for beginners. This is continuation of part 1 “why to build an online business”. In my previous video I may have sound like I am preaching stuff not to make money online and that it shouldn’t be your priority in setting up an online business.

This is only partly true because the reasons behind “why” you want the business online is very important. And whatever I did in the previous post, the video post, it’s important that you go over it and kind of neither agree or disagree. the more you think about it, then you will have a better chance to survive online.
So let’s move on. The following reasons are in descending order. When you want to build an online business you first need to build a relationship with your audience. That’s very important they need to know who you are, what you are doing, what you can offer to them.
Second part of that process is help them find solution to their problems or problem or problems. They will in return come to you asking for more advice once they will find out that whatever you offer it’s working for them.
Once those two parts are in place then it’s a highly probable situation where, you are gonna create a steady income stream in this whole process. And that’s the whole idea. Yet, you should not have the money on your mind first.
Once all those three parts are in place, and they are in descending order. Study that because that’s how you will create your business anyway if you want to have a steady success online. Once you are online for a some period of time, and you have steadily viewers coming
into your side or block, then you will establish yourself as an authority in whatever chosen niche you are gonna be.
After you have all those elements in place then you can collaborate with other authorities in your niche, or even similar niches on joint ventures or similar projects where there is far less work and more rewards and better rewards, and so on. And then you are having better chance of making more, much more money and the process is much easier as I already said.
So I’m gonna go over that one more time: build the relationship with your audience do that in any form you want to. Facebook, free giveaways or whatever. And in doing that make sure that your audience is finding solution to their problems that they might be having. In the process you don’t have to start charging a thousand bucks or two thousand bucks for your services but give them small chunks of something.
Eventually once you set up this whole thing is gonna go on autopilot and bring you some steady income online.

Money should never be your primary reason for building an online business.

People see through if you start sounding like a salesman that wants to sell, sell, sell.They will turn away because they don’t want just to buy stuff from you, they want something that is useful to them.What I just said may sound kind of counterproductive because after all the reason you are building the business online is money.
But should never sound like you do. You should focus more on high quality content. That should be your primary reason for building an online business. Once you do that, and you establish yourself as a person that is making or providing very useful information, then you are going to be around for a very very long long time. I think that’s the idea and that’s what you’re thinking.
Once you set up your blog or website or whatever services you are going to be providing, that you want to be around for a while and serve your customers. And whatever advice you are going give them, other new ones are gonna keep coming and coming. So that’s it for now for this post and hopefully I will see you in another one so have a nice day and see you soon.


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