Hello hello, good morning, good afternoon good evening whatever the case might be. And welcome to internet marketing playpen for beginners. This is a series of videos and blog posts that has to do with the whole concept of setting up your online business from the beginning to the end.

This one is part one: why on earth would you build an online business when you are comfortable doing something in McDonald or Burger King or I don’t know, wherever you’re working right now. So why do you want the business anyway?

But before we can dip into that to lay a solid foundation let me introduce myself  I am Stefan Palczewski, and I call myself Marketing Papp. As you can see I am ‘aged’ already but you know I am trying to do the best I can on the computer. Computers sometimes give me a headache, and they are not even my first or second language.

Computers are my 16 language in there, also my English is second language so if I could do something like the video, and training for you, and write a blog, and whatever. So, you should to if you want to do that. So let’s go and start this whole thing.

In order for you to have an online business you need to have strong foundation. before that nothing will happen so what does it mean? Before you start any business you need to figure out why on earth you doing this. What is the reason behind it. The stronger the reason the better for you, because that is gonna keep you in focus and you are gonna continue striving to accomplish that.


I don’t know what it is for you why you want to do that it may be you want more money, or be some authority of some sort, or be famous, or get out of debt or be just simply filthy rich. I don’t know what it is in your case. You need to figure out that on your own. I cannot help you there.
So think for a moment what that might be that motive is however very important because as I mentioned early this is gonna drive you forward. If you have not strong enough motives then you’re gonna fail. And remember there is no right or wrong, if you want to be filthy rich go for it. If you just want to help others in making money in the process that’s fine.
There is you know, no right and wrong there is only an outcome and the outcome can be satisfactory or not satisfactory, so don’t try to pull your hair out of your head because that’s not worth it, believe me you saw me I did that already. Ha,ha.
Now, I have to tell you something from my own experience  and also observing others, more money, if that’s what you want, saying “you know I just wanna get out from my debt, that’s gonna solve  all my problems”. No it won’t. Remember that:

More money requires more money to maintain your “more money”


That may not make any sense but think for a moment, the more money you have the more expenses you have because, you are buying all kinds of crappy gadgets because you think they make you happy.
You think to yourself oh I need the car, I need the big-screen TV, I need this entertainment center or whatever that might be. You want to go on cruise or fly to the moon I don’t know what that might be, but that is requiring more money to just kind of support your fancies. And the same thing goes for power and fame.
There is nothing wrong with that, but usually we get caught in the fever of spending. If you want to be happy in your life you can do that today, And you don’t need more money trust me I went through that. I had plenty of money lost everything. Then I got some money again and lost.
I had relationships I lost them too, so my life was complete roller coaster and to a certain point until one day I realize, “you know what, this doesn’t make any sense”. To be happy in life I can just be happy that’s all I can be having just a small coffee somewhere in a donut shop and that’s perfect in one day or, I can go on cruise and still not being happy because oh well the waiter was not nice to me or I can find a thousand reasons not to be happy.
Or I can find just one reason to be happy it’s up to you, yet remember you’re the reason behind why you want to set up your business. Your mental attitude is gonna help you stay in focus is going to help you accomplish the happiness that you desire.
So decide what exactly are you expecting from your business? What is it that is gonna give you most satisfaction?  It looks to me that you don’t like your current situation, the financial situation you just want to get out of it and you feel bad about it and that affects everything you do.
You don’t feel attractive, you are not confident you feel like crap and you want to change that so I am on your side I did that so I know I understand how it feels. So you’d think, since you have the option to make more money online, you assume that you are gonna feel happier, more confident, attractive, healthier I don’t know, maybe taller, smaller I don’t really care what you feel but that is not gonna happen until you decided to be happier.
Yes, if this is attached to that (more money) that’s fine there is no right or wrong having more money. Well, if you are not, then you are gonna make some people around you happy. There is always a different way of looking on stuff.
And now we know from what I just said that the business that you actually want, is for you to feel better and nothing else. You just want more paper money. And, that according to you, you will feel better. Lets understand each other, this is or might be one of your motive.
You may have others, but you need to figure out what they are on your own. Remember if you want to be this happy like those two chicks in the photo, you need to do something. Nothing is gonna come by itself there is always prize attached to that. Trust me you will have to do something yet, whatever you need to do is going far less expensive than you think.
So again make a list of all the goodies you are expecting from your online venture, and go nuts like a kid before Christmas. Just make a huge list of all the goodies that you want. And then on the other side
just write down what you are willing to give for it. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy.
For example you just spend two hours a day on your blog promoting other people’s products or, two hours a day spending producing your own product or, ebook or, music or, video or, whatever that might be but you need to be consistent.
Remember when you do the list kind of already anticipate how many hours a day you are willing to give it in return for your “wants”, and trust me if you have things in writing that will helps a lot.
Because it helps you focus, and you are on task much quickly and done much quicker. Whatever is done you just check mark ,check mark and go to another task. But if you don’t have in writing then you forgot or, forgot that. So please, please do use some kind of written plan for yourself.
That is gonna help you organize everything. Remember the price that you would pay for whatever you want, is very small in comparison to the reward that you are gonna be receiving.
Most beginners fail before they even start. Reason; because they overthink everything. They think; “my god i will need this I will have to go for this, and this is gonna cost me, the hosting, autoresponder”.Or they say; “oh I cannot do any graphics I cannot produce videos.
That’s bullshit. I am doing this and I am 60 years old and you are younger than me and you are telling something like that to yourself. Just listen to yourself that’s BS, and if that’s the case; bye-bye, I don’t want to see you.
But, if you are one of those that want to succeed, I am cheering for you. So remember if you don’t like what I am saying I hope not to see you ever again but if you are one of those that are stubborn, and you want to feel better about yourself I am cheering for you.
Remember  that all guru started the same way they were broke, they were devastated, they were whatever the case might be.Some of them were bankrupt. I know someone who was homeless and he made it, and he is one of the top 50 marketers doing very well.
I don’t remember exactly but, he is making two hundred thousand a day. I am NOT trying to brag about it, but that can happen to you and not necessarily in that category but probably, even if you are making a thousand a day I guess that would be good enough.
To have online business you don’t need to be smarter or more educated. Probably you know that already there are some idiots making tons of money they lose them quickly, and they go to other ventures because they don’t care. They are just adventurers, so be like them except for the smarter part.
You don’t need to be more educated, you don’t have to be computer wiz. Look at me, I use whatever I can. It was difficult for me yet, I did it. I’m making videos, I am making training for you, I am writing a blog. So if I could do it, so can you.
For now that would be it for this part for this video for this blog, and I am saying; have a nice day to you and see you in the next post.


All the best
Marketing Pap

Marketing Pap
Marketing Pap

Online marketer, writer, blogger and sometimes happy guy:)

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